Video 2 Update, Leaflet, SerialPort, ESRI

Nov 16, 2020

What a fun couple of weeks it has been. I've locked onto Leaflet JS. It is a powerful tile based mapping library. Probably better than Google Maps. Where am I getting the map tiles? I've signed up for a developer account at ESRI. The satellite imagery they have is solid and provides the higher zoom levels needed for field orientation.

The connection to a NMEA antenna is made through the npm package Node SerialPort. Essentially a small USB/Serial driver is used to connect a BU-353S4 via USB. The NMEA output is handled by the npm package "gps." Open source software is awesome. Putting this thing together using such common components has been rewarding. I dream that some day this will become a community of dev Farmers that say no to proprietary solutions.

Anyways stay tuned for the next update. I'm going to go through the nuts and bolts of map tracking / highlighting with the efficient use of polygons.

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