Terms of Use

Terms of Use & EULA:

This app is not designed to replace a GPS field navigation system. It is designed to help you remember where you did not spray. Please read through the terms of use of this app. If you do not agree with the terms you may not continue to use the app. Please contact us for a refund if this is the case.

You agree to test this app for your specific purpose and to not continue to use it unless you find that it meets your criteria for accuracy and reliability for your specific application. You agree that GPS systems can have significant location error. You agree to use this application in a manner that considers safety concerns for yourself, others, and property. You acknowledge that this product contains no representations or warranties. You agree to not hold liable Investor Direction LLC or any other associated developer for any reliance on this product in any manner. Thank you for your understanding.

Privacy Policy:

iOS: All GPS data is stored on your device. We have no access to the information. We do not collect your information. We do have access to bug reports if you opt in.

Android – We only have your GPS data if you have the Farm Chief Connect service, but only in the cloud storage sense for what you upload. You have to login to access your field information.