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  1. Open Farm Sprayer GPS
  2. Press “Start Here”
  3. Poke the Width Feet or Meters Box
  4. Type in width
  5. Select Meters if needed or Line Mode
  6. Press Start
  7. You will be returned to map.
  8. If prompted set your A-B by long pressing to drag the markers. You must move at least one marker or it will not work and will not highlight where you have been or display parallel lines.
  9. Press “Press When Ready to Start”
  10. The map will now highlight where you have been. When in Line mode keep the bearing line lined up with the field lines. Use the Center On/Off to help keep you centered on the screen. The arrows aren’t all that useful unless you have a really accurate GPS signal.


  1. Only the iPhones and iPads with 3G/4G have GPS antennas built in. The maps are automatically cached to the device when they are viewed with data, so once the map is on there you can take it out to the field without internet or data. If your iPad doesn’t have a GPS antenna or you want to increase the accuracy of your system purchase a Bluetooth GPS antenna.
  2. The system will not work unless you allow Location Permissions when prompted. If you accidentally hit “No” you can still go to the iOS settings and allow this permission.
  3. ┬áIf you do not see the map painting your progress or is extremely spotty make sure that your GPS is working. Often if using an external antenna, it has not been paired properly, or the external antenna’s app is not running in the background. Another possibility is that your iPad DOESN’T have a GPS antenna. Contact us if unsure how to check for that.

Bluetooth Antenna Tips:

  1. When picking an iOS compatible GPS antenna make sure to get one that has an app that runs in the background. Essentially you want one that replaces the iOS system location with that location data from the antenna. For example, if you by a DUAL antenna, you will need to run the DUAL app in the background while you are running Farm Sprayer GPS. If you don’t pair the antenna correctly to the antenna app it certainly won’t work with Farm Sprayer GPS.

Operation Manual v 2.1